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We (John and Wendy) provide weekly music sessions for babies and children up to 5 years old in the Bolton/Bury area. 

Our first priority is having fun, but it is widely recognised that singing and music making with babies and young children is excellent for developing communication and language skills. Our sessions are designed to support the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum as published by the Department for Education and Schools. This means that we are able to develop your child's potential not just in language and music, but in other EYFS areas such as numeracy, physical development, and PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional Development). For example our sessions include:-

♫  songs and rhymes which develop and reinforce numeracy skills as well as communication, language and literacy skills

♫  movements and actions designed to support the development of physical skills such as coordination, balance etc

♫  games and activities to promote social skills such as sharing, turn-taking and leading 

....all designed to support the life skills and confidence that your little ones will need for school readiness.  But the great news is they learn while playing and having fun!! Naimh's Mum Catherine says "I picked Niamh up from nursery today and they said she had loved song time and they were impressed with her for joining in with all the actions! She only has to hear the opening tune now for loads of songs and she starts doing the actions straight away!"

We lead the sessions with live music (guitar), and always bring along a wide variety of children's instruments as well as props such as puppets, hats, ribbons and scarves etc. Some weeks we will theme our songs and actions (eg down on the farm, under the sea).

Logan and Rhianwen singing "Hop Little Bunnies!"



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