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Our music CDs...

"Essentials,"  "Songs for Mini Movers" 
and our Christmas CD......

We have recorded 3 CDs of our most popular songs; Essentials is our take on the classic preschool songs, Songs for Mini Movers is music to dance and move around to, and our Christmas CD contains our favourite Christmas toons! 
You can listen to samples of the music, just click here. We like to think that our recording style is completely different to most other early years CDs. As well as voices (ours I'm afraid) there are electric and acoustic guitars, percussion and added sound effects* all combining to make an audio treat for you and your children.
We recorded the project in our home studio - the same studio John uses to record his work for the BBC etc so the quality of sound is very professional. The artwork has been designed in conjunction with one of our regular mums, the fabulous Jo Blakeley**. She is a professional designer and we think she has captured the spirit of our sessions perfectly (plus she makes me look younger every year - Wendy)

*Natural sounds: freeSFX.com
** Jo's site: Jo Blakeley@Pickledjo



  Songs for mini movers

 Our Christmas CD


The CD's are available to purchase at our sessions, price £6.00. If you're unable to get to our sessions, email us and we'll post out a CD for an extra £1 to cover p&p. 
MP3's / MP4a's are available too. Pay by Paypal and send the payment to  john@artguitar.co.uk
You will be sent a link to download the music. The price for a download is £6.00

Some feedback from our mums...

Sarah: Wendy, the CD is fab! Hannah has come on so much since Monday! We listen to it at least 3 times a day and she loves it. She's clapping, waving and dancing. XX

Alison: We listened to the CD today, and I need to tell you that Erin beamed when she heard you both singing - and demanded 'again' 5 times before we could move off of the Hello Song!!! Haha!  She loved it and thought it was hilarious that Mummy was filling in her name!
On moving from the first track we listened to the whole CD and "Row,Row", "Ducks" and "Bobbin" were demanded again.  "Hop, hop" and 'If you're happy and you know it' received enthusiastic actions - and I didn't even know she could now shout 'we are!' until today!
You two are brilliant and I love the gentle, fun style you both have - we have really missed your music, so THANK YOU for doing the CD xxx

Jo: I love watching Ellie in the back of the car singing along and doing the actions - which is more than she does at the sessions! I'm loving all the background noises.

Katie - Hi Wendy and John, I bought a copy of your CD for Chloe's birthday and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating a CD of children's songs that I actually want to put on!! Looking forward to more productions in the future. :-)

Louise: Hi John and Wendy, just letting you know the CD is great. Sure we will get lots of use out of it with Harry.