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What you've said...

Here are some quotes from our lovely parents and grandparents........

September 2018 - Huge thanks for all the pleasure we have had over the last 6 years. We have always looked forward to your sessions. I'm already putting out feelers for babies to borrow on a Friday! Alison

September 2018 - Thank you for 6 years of not just the music but your lovely welcoming attitude and caring manner. From welcoming me with a 6 week old baby to giving reassurance when she became a crazy 2 year old, and kind words when her baby sister came along too, to a lovely hug after a bad few days at work. We will all miss seeing you every week. Keep up the good work! Jill

August 2018 - Just wanted to let you know how good your class is, I came this week with my mum and Noah. Noah was able to just wander round and do his own thing this week with me always watching him, haha. We are going to try to come each week to your class. 

It really is a lovely class and I can see you both really enjoy what you do so thank you so much. Chloe

July 2018 - I really wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic Shake, Rattle & Roll sessions! Certainly in the early days in Horwich I owe much to them for maintaining my sanity - those early days with your first baby can be lonely and frustrating but by getting out of the house and coming along I felt I was in the same boat as everyone else, just muddling along and doing our best. Plus the sessions were fun for both the adults and the children and you were both great hosts.
I have made many friends from the groups and have recommended you to everyone I meet. I’ve even sent your CDs to friends and family in far-off places. 
There are of course so many baby and toddler music groups out there but I truly think you have created something unique that really helped my children develop, socialise, sing (possibly not in tune in their case but I don’t think anyone will ever manage that!!), sit quietly, listen, queue, smile and laugh. And I’m sure lots of people tell you this but you should be really proud of what you do. Long may you continue!!! Sonia

December 2017 - Thank you so much for making every week so much fun, we really do love coming! Emily, Luke, Eva and Ralph

December 2017 - Martha and I love coming to your classes. You're both brilliant! Sarah and Martha

December 2017 - Thank you for teaching me so many amazing songs and for showinig me the actions and how to play the instruments. Love from Zelda

June 2017 - We love your classes, You're both great - thank you! Liz and Georgia

July 2017 - Just wanted to say thank you to you both. For the last 2 years me and Mummy have really enjoyed our Wednesday and Friday mornings. Keep up the awesome work keeping kids like me and Mums like Mummy entertained! Best wishes, Unaisah and Mummy

September 2017 - Thank you so much for running such a wonderful music class. Oliver and I have enjoyed the class for so long. Oliver has learned so much and constantly listens to your CDs. Love Claire and Oliver

October 2016 - Dear Wendy and John, Just a quick note to say a huge Thank You from Reuben and I for the wonderful Monday mornings we've had for the past two and a half years. In the early days, Shake rattle and Roll was a lifeline as a new mum. The sessions were a fun and relaxed way to help ease into the new world of being a Mum and especially to get out of the house! We've met many new people and learned new songs to sing together.
Reuben's speech is great for his age and I'm sure singing has had a huge part to play. Many thanks, Tess and Reuben. x"

October 2016 - "Dear Wendy and John, I've been coming to Shake, Rattle and Roll since I was just 6 weeks old and now I'm nearly one. I'm starting nursery soon because Mummy is going back to work so I won't be able to come so much but I wanted you to know how much I have loved your classes. They are so much fun and you are both so friendly and always smiling - like me! I've made Daddy promise to still bring me when he is off shift because I will miss you and all the fun we have together. Love and hugs, Callum. xxx"

New Mum Natalie, Sept 2016...."It's a lovely class, and we really enjoyed ourselves on Friday."

Dec 2015 after the Christmas party:

I am so glad we decided to do the shake, rattle and roll sessions on a weekly basis, the children really do love you coming. Ben never stops talking about you!

Kristina Bannister

General Manager, Playdays Day Care

From Mum Katie, Sept 2015, on returning to work after maternity leave - "I'd like to say a massive thank you for all the fun we've had over the last year or so at Shake, Rattle and Roll. When I've struggled with sleep deprivation I knew your classes would be guaranteed to put a smile on my face and keep Iris enthralled for the hour.You are both wonderful and the class is an all time favourite with my two. Keep up the amazing work!"

From new Mum Claire, Sept 2015......Thank you for a fabulous session today, Ivy absolutely loved it (as you could tell!) We are so pleased that we came along and looking forward to next week.

Hi, I still get your emails and I love to see that you and John are still doing such an amazing job! My little one is too old for the sessions now but when he was younger he loved them! I have never ever been to a class that even comes close to what you two do. I can completely understand why you are so busy! If I ever have another one I will be first in line to sign up for a class!

Thanks, Kirsty 

I've only been coming to your sessions a few months with my (nearly) 2 year old and I have noticed such a big difference in her development. We love your sessions!

Lyla absolutely loves Shake Rattle and Roll! She is always saying your name Wendy, and the songs you sing have become part of our daily life.  - Kate, Lyla and Dianne.

Thanks you for the wonderful sessions you have provided for us every week. We have looked forward to them and we’re going to miss you! - Alex and  Corey

Eva and I love coming to your sessions and we look forward to attending many more!  - Emily

Hi Wendy,

I just wanted to send you a little message to say thank you.
When I first started bringing Max to your sessions at Tonge he was really shy, and he wasn't a very confident child at all...even at home he was very clingy and reluctant to be alone.
After a month or so coming to your classes Max is a different child, he is so confident and sure of himself (still a bit wary of children that are a bit boisterous) and for that I wanted to say thank you. He has always been a happy little boy but since he has been "coming to see Wendy" I have noticed a massive change in his personality. I am so grateful for this group and the work you do and the change in my little boy.

Isabella hasn't been to nursery yet and your classes are the one consistent thing I've taken her to. She absolutely loves it and I'm amazed by how much she has learnt from you. I had always wanted her to do music from a very early age and feel very lucky to have found your class. - Jane.